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How to Choose a Hotel

Planning a vacation for the whole family? Of course, it should be an unforgettable experience, and part of that is staying in the right hotel. This can be easily done online nowadays, but how can you really tell that you’ve found what you’re looking for, especially this will be your first time in your destination? Surely, you need to consider more than room rates or views or ambiance.

If you want tips to that can help you decide on the perfect hotel for you and your brood, start with the following:

Hotel Reviews and Ratings

Spend time with hotel search engines and take a look at guest ratings for different hotels in your destination. On top of pre-negotiated rates offered through such engines, you will also have access to guest reviews. Through other people’s comments, you can see a clearer picture of a certain hotel and decide if it fits your wants, needs and preferences.


Amenities are one of the initial considerations you should make before selecting a hotel. International chains will often excel in this department, offering everything from health clubs to business centers and more. But you should look for other vital services as well, such as airport transfers, laundry, etc.


One of the most critical issues you should consider when choosing a hotel is location. The nearer it is to the city center, the more expensive it probably is. You’ll want to stay in a place where moving around will be reasonably easy for you. You’ll also want to know if the hotel has any large tour groups that may be coming in at the same time as you. Higher occupancy rates usually mean higher room rates as well and no flexibility for late check-outs. People sometimes take these things for granted, but keep in mind that this can affect your tour schedule, along with your perception of the hotel’s hospitality.

Rates and Deals

Another crucial factor involved in choosing a hotel is rates. Before you start calling different places to ask about this, take note that price is not an indicator of service quality. In any case, book at the best hotel that fits your budget. And always take time to look for discounts, especially at hotels that have existing tie ups with transport companies and airlines, as well as with credit card companies. which typically offer the most attractive discounts. And don’t for get to check if you could use your frequent flyer points to claim hotel discounts.

Hotel Comparisons

Finally, don’t feel compelled to book with the first hotel you’ve contacted. In fact, your best bet is to contact at least three or four and compare them. Unless you compare, you can’t really tell which option is the best for you and your family.
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